Captured By Robots


Probably one of the only "true" robot rock bands of all time, the music is actually performed onstage by three evil robots, a poor enslaved human and a lovable stuffed tamborine player called "The Ape Which Hath No Name." According to DRMBOT0110 (the drumming robot), the band was formed when former Skank N Pickle and Blue Meanies member JBOT (the craphound human) was decided that building robot band mates would be a great idea. He was wrong. After building DRMBOT0110, GTRBOT666 and the Ape Which Hath No Name, DRMBOT0110 decided JBOT was an anti-robot and had to be punished. The robots installed a Biocerebral Chip in his CPU and now force him to humiliate himself in front of his peers.

The music, while sometimes unlistenable, is truly rocking and despite it's robotic creation, is played with guitars and drums as opposed to synths and drum machines.


Captured By Robots [official]


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