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Forming in Washington, D.C in the summer of 1998, the band consisted of four twenty-something computer programmers. As a diversion from their 16 hour days of programming, they began to make music. Band members include Jason Korzen (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Jennifer Carr (bass, vocals), Ivan Ramiscal (synths, guitar, vocals) and Christian Scanniello (drums).

They began work on their first album in 1998 and recorded over the course of nine months into 1999. They released their first album, simon BASIC in the summer of 1999, working with producer, Trevor Kampmann. Known for his work as hollAnd and Sea-Saw, Kampmann's computer based recording worked well for Barcelona, and he remained their sole choice for collaboration during their four year stint. simon BASIC was released by March Records, with the artwork completed by their neighbor and Teenbeat records legend, Mark Robinson. Touring extensively on the East Coast in 1999 and the West Coast in 2000, they were anxious to get back to the studio and record new material. They released their album ZeRo-oNe-INFINITY in October 2000. This LP produced two CD singles, Robot Trouble and Studio Hair Gel, which both contain rare b-sides and remixes by favorite bands.

They began work on their third album, Transhuman Revolution in the Spring of 2001 and continued touring throughout the East Coast. The album was released in the Fall of 2001.

On January 1, 2002 the band announced plans to dissolve in February 2002 after four years, three full length LPs and two singles. The band felt that Barcelona has run its course and that their had been so many changes not only within the band, but with the world in general.

We at Robot Rock look forward to new endeavors by band members and wish them the very best.


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Selected Discography

Simon Basic
July 1999
October 2000
Robot Trouble
May 2000

Studio Hair Gel
August 2000






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