Biography - Mystery, Intrigue and Robotics

Releasing their first EP, Dispassionate Furniture, in 1998 on the Ersatz label, this duo has allowed their music to speak for themselves and taken them in a direction where intelligence and appreciation for musical genres of 70s Punk, 80s Electro and 90s Dance have combined to create a modernistically simple, yet complexly unique sound. The mastermind of duo Jack Vulpine (aka Adam Lee Miller) and Nicola Kuperus, the twosome are as much a couple in real life as in their music. Adam has been involved in various music projects including Le Car, which has also been released on Ersatz while Nicola is a photographer and has created the imagery seen on Adult.'s releases. Nicola delivers the cold, monotonistic vocals like a robotic drill sargeant, while Adam lays out the retro electronic beats.

Since their first release they have sent up a handful of EPs including "Modern Romantics" - 1998 (as PLASMA Co. ), "Entertainment" - 1999, "New-Phonies" - 2000, "Nausea" - 2000 and the full length album, "Resuscitation" - 2001. At the time of this writing, they have remixed music for over 20 other bands, some of which includ The Faint, Tuxedomoon and Fischerspooner.

Adult continues to make new music and in 2002 has released "Misinterpreted" and "Limited Edition" both on the Ersatz Audio label.

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