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Biography - "There is no past and there is no future, it's just what happens when you turn the machine on." - Barry Smith

Forming in 1994 in London, England, founders Ann Shenton and Barry Smith recruited Steven Claydon (theremin) and rotating a variety of drummers from Stereolab's Andy Ramsay, John Russell and the High Llamas Rob Allum. The band took their name from a computer command that creates an unknown electronic third force. Fans of 60s & 70s vintage synth and the proto-electronica created by artists such luminaries as Wendy Carlos, Pierre Henry, Kraftwerk and Can. Not finding a sound they liked, they decided to form ADD N TO X, an all electronic band with an ever-changing style of Electronic.

The group released their critically acclaimed debut album, On the Wires of Our Nerves, in 1998, which featured the singles King Wasp and Black Regent, both NME Singles of the Week. The group signed to Mute Records that same year and released their first single for the label, the epic Little Black Rocks in the Sun. They spent the next six months touring extensively throughout Europe and America, complete with two drummers. Their live shows were best described as chaotic and unpredictable and saw the group confirm their early promise to become one of the most exciting live bands around.

In March of 1999, the band released the single Metal Fingers in My Body, the first single from their second full-length release, Avant Hard. Soon after they released the song Revenge of the Black Regent. The tour constantly and completed their British leg with a sold out show at the Scala in Londonís Kingís Cross.

October 2000, the band released their third album, Add Insult To Injury, an album which was recorded over the course of six months. The volatile sounds of this collide with perfect pop melodies, making this album the most exciting, yet accessible releases by Add N To (X) to date.

Fascinated with the fusion between biological and synthetic, the band launch a Buckminster Fuller-inspired art-installation dome in Bourges, France entitled Loud, Like Nature on April 11, 2001. It acted not only as a post to spread the word about Add N to X, but also contained a theremin and finches. They amplified and recorded the sounds unwittingly created by the movement of the finches in the space and allowed visitors to contribute by being able to play the theremin and add text and visuals to accompanying material provided. The theremin is an electronic instrument that is operated by manipulating an invisible force field which affects pitch and volume.

In October 2002, Add N to (X) released new material with the single Take Me To Your Leader and the full-length album Loud Like Nature. They also toured worldwide in support of their new release.


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Selected Discography

Loud Like Nature
October 2002

Vero Electronics
Released 1996
On The Wires of Our Nerves
Released 1998
Avant Hard
Released 1999
Add Insult To Injury
released 2000
Plug Me In
September 2000
Metal Fingers In My Body
April 1999
Revenge of the Black Regent
August 1999
The Poker Roll
February 2001
Add N To Fu(X)A And Another Thing!
November 2000





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